Here are some slide shows of the Fireplace Man's jobs from start to finish.

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Fireplace Man's Projects.

Below are some of the projects that the Fireplace Man has worked on to date.



lombard insert and granite heart, fireplaces, stoves, arch inset stove into a irish corbel marble fireplace,

This is a project the fireplace man completed where he inserted a Arch Insert Stove into a Irish Corbell Fireplace with a granite hearth.




multifuel stove, twin flue systems, multi flue stoves,


This is an example of a Multifuel Stove that has been inserted into a fireplace.







20 kw back boiler stove


20 kw Back Boiler Stove. Heats 10 - 12 Radiators.

Fitted into chimney breast with Oslo Marfill stone surround.






6 k stove

6 Kw Stove.

6 Kw stove inserted into chimney, shown with scamalax back and cast iron frame.







twin flue systems

This is an example of a Twin Flue Systems project that the Fireplace Man has completed. Shown are an inside and outside view.




This a before and after shot of a job the Fireplace Man has recently completed. The old fireplace was replaced by a Multi Fuel Stove.